Restaurant Rizibizi Portoroz

Visited: May 2022
Rating: mentioned in Guide Michelin

We had already eaten at Rizibizi, a restaurant in the resort of Portoroz on the short Mediterranean coast of Slovenia, years ago. At that time it was located a bit above in the town with its own parking lot. Some time ago it moved and is now located directly on the “beach” promenade, squeezed between a pizzeria and another restaurant with Italian-influenced cuisine. The three of us were able to sit outside on the terrace that evening in beautiful weather. I answered the question about the aperitif by asking for a glass of white wine. Sauvignon Blanc with a rather fruity freshness was my request, two bottles were opened one after the other and each was given a glass to taste. The first was too mature, the second rather flat from the aromatics. Finally, a Slovenian Malvasia ended up in the glass, which offered exactly what I was looking for.

The menu is handed out in the form of a newspaper. There are different menus of 4, 5 and 8 courses. There is also a truffle menu and an à la carte selection. We ate à la carte.


We bridged the wait for another guest with good ham, mediocre olives and acceptable bread.

Crunchy Polenta/Onion-red-wine-cream/marinated sardine, crispy chip with anchovy cream

The amuses bouches were unusual, but are not worth remembering. I liked the anchovy cream best.

Octopus/wild asparagus/asparagus creme/Black sesame sponge

Tenderly cooked sliced pulpo was accompanied by wild asparagus and crème from it. Sponge of black sesame and some flowers completed the plate. This cold appetizer plate was okay – no more, no less.

Black truffle shaving at the table

Rizibizi uses a lot of truffles, as mentioned above there is even a six-course truffle menu.

Home made fuži with truffles

Fusi (also Fuži in Croatian and Slovene) is a traditional Istrian pasta from Croatia and Slovenia. It was accompanied by truffle cream and generous shaving of black truffle.


Grilled scallops came on a puree of violet potatoes, truffle crème and were covered with truffles.

Huftsteak with truffle

Mashed potatoes, truffle cream, grilled steak and freshly shaved truffle. A green salad was served as a side dish. The meat was of good quality, the side dishes were pleasing.

Finger ribbs

Spare ribs loosened from the bone on mashed potatoes with vegetable chips were served on this plate. Tasted very good to the one who ordered this dish.

Seabass/white polenta/zucchini crème/tomato confit

On slices of white polenta were three pieces of fried sea bass with crispy skin. The whole was surrounded by zucchini cream, in which there were some confit tomatoes. The fish was impeccable in quality and preparation.

Chocolate souffle/mint sauce

What was announced as a chocolate soufflé turned out to be a lava cake with a liquid center. We had to wait for this dessert. The lava cake should probably have stayed in the oven a bit shorter. The chocolate and mint flavor reminded other guests at the table somewhat of the well known sweets After Eight.

Chocolate with truffles

Boldly, truffle was combined here with chocolate mousse, chocolate sauce and chocolate crumble. The mousse was good, for the truffle was not really necessary.


The restaurant is mentioned in Guide Michelin. The ingredients used in the dishes here go beyond an average restaurant cooking. Some preparations know how to please, others less so. The à la carte selection of main dishes is limited, with many interesting options only available for two people. I found the desserts both weak. Overall, however, the company at the table enjoyed it.

Website: rizibizi restaurant