Ristorante Venissa Burano

Visited July 2021
Awards: One Michelin Macaron

I had the feeling in advance that it will not be the best experience for my family. If you have family members that have special requirements do not go into restaurants which do not publish a menu on their website. Probably my mistake not to have taken the time for reading carefully what has been published on their website about their philosophy. This is a meat-free restaurant. They only use local and seasonal fish and seafood from the lagoon and vegetables from their own garden. There is no à la carte menu. You have the choice between a 5, 7 or 9 courses menu. We took the 5 courses menu. I had two glasses of wine with the menu, both white wines from their own vineyards. The venue is beautiful. You basically take lunch in their garden.

We arrived around one hour before our reservation at the vaporetto station Mazzorbo after a 40 minutes boat trip starting from Fontamente Nove in the north of Venice. A short walk direction Burano takes you to the hotel. I quickly jumped in to inform the restaurant that we will come to the restaurant in one hour and that some participants do eat fish but no seafood.

After we took place at the table water and home-made Grissini were served. My daughter liked the Grissini very much. They were made from corn wheat and also olive oil was used. They remind her on a popular cereal for breakfast…

Greetings from the kitchen were offered.

In the box: salt-crystallized wine leaves and tapioka cracker; in front miter pumpkin (german: Bischofsmütze) and bottarga
Whole grain bread with cucumber and mayonnaise; dumpling with fish tatar
Good warm bread and very good sicilian olive oil

Both very good taken on its own but did not fit very well together. A less intense white bread would highlight the quality of the olive oil better.

Variation of scallops, clams and mussels

When this was served, we first looked alienated to each other. This was noticed and the course was taken from the table. The waiter I was talking to when we arrived apologized a lot for this faux pas.

Marinated fish, walnuts, herb sauce

A kind of thick sashimi, very tender and mild. Probably not the first choice for a child.

Fried sardines, tomato cream, wild fennel sauce, sea fennel
Wine: Bianco Venusa 2018 from Dorona di Venezia grapes grown on the Island of Mazzorbo

A not very spectacular course. OK, but not more.

Spaghetti cooked in tuna broth, served with grape broth and with fermented sardines

Beautiful but again not very impressing from taste.

Green ravioli with bitter salads, fermented pine cream and various herbs
Cod pan-fried in butter, cod croquette, cod liver parfait, seaweed, bean rilette, green peppers, oregano
Wine: Venissa 2015 from Dorona grapes, 4 years in concrete tanks, 2 years bottle maturation

This was actually very good. The white wine was a very special one, very intense and it should have longevity.

Alternative vegetarian main course: Tempeh of chick peas, fermented soya and gooseberries

Tempeh is an originally Indonesian course with the main compound fermented soybeans. Also this main course tasted well.

Pré-dessert: Sorbet of cucumber, cucumerazzo, portulak, mint, olive oil

Cucumerazzo is a so called cucumber melon originating from the south of Italy.

Mille-feuille, thin slices of green tomato, peach, peach ragout and verbena ice cream
Fox grape jelly
Cypress marshmallow
Herbes beignet
Coffee almond macaron
Baci cocoa sphere


Nice venue and praiseworthy sustainable approach but unfortunately most of it not our taste.


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