Gucci Osteria Florence

Visited July 2021
Awards: One Michelin Macaron

After our visit last year, my family agreed to visit Gucci Osteria again. The fact that you are not forced to eat a whole menu makes it very attractive for a not too long lunch. The venue, the beautiful Gucci plates and the friendly staff brought us to another reservation.

Due to the high temperature outside lunch is currently served inside only and not at the terrace which is located outside in front of Gucci Garden store.

The menu fits on one A4 page and lists some of the courses in very flowery language, which needs explanation during ordering process. It is quite static in comparison to last year with only some exchanged courses.

I had a glass of white wine: GiovinRe 2018 from Viognier grapes of winery Michele Satta in Bolgheri, Toscany

At the beginning hors d’oevres are served.

Home made Grissini
Noisette butter
Eggplant salsa beignet
Pappa pomodoro beignet

Escabeche is the name of dishes in mainly Spanish language, consisting of marinated main compound e.g. fish or meat, cooked in an acidic sauce normally using vinegar, with paprika for the color, citron or lime juice and additional spices.


Especially the pappa pomodoro beignet was very good. Pappa pomodoro is the typical tomato bread soup from Toscany, which is more a cream or a paste than a soup. We had a very good one just the day before in Greve in Chianti at the famous Macelleria Falorni.

Emilia Burger – Cotechino, Parmigiano Reggiano, salsa verde and balsamic mayonnaise.
Vongo – La! – Risotto, scapece and clams.

Scapece is the Italian counterpart of Escabeche originating from Neapolitan cuisine.

Gadus, Gadus, Gadus

Gadus is the Latin name for cod, Atlantic cod is also known as Gadus morhua. Here, a high quality piece of perfectly cooked cod, just a touch away from raw in the core, comes with a very crispy crust, which reminds me on tapioca chips, several herbs and edible flowers. It sits on an eggplant purée. I unfortunately did not note down the kind of broth added at the table but I think it was chicken broth.


Cherry Jubilee

Panna cotta with cherry sorbet and cherry sauce. The cherry taste was so intense that the panna cotta had no chance against it.

Charley’s Dream

Chocolate profiterole filled with Dulce de Leche cream topped with hazelnut spread. A part in a bowl came chocolate sorbet topped with chocolate olive oil jelly cubes. The chocolate taste was very intense and not too sweet. Very good!

As I did last time instead of a dessert I took another “normal” course.

The Birth of Venus – Scallops, tarragon and daikon.

On the photo there is not much to see but daikon radish. Underneath there are mid-sized scallop slices which have pockets filled with a delicate white filling. The broth added at the table is a vegetable broth, which added a touch of acidity to it.

Petit patisserie: Choco coffee Dulce de Leche sphere, Sambuco jelly, salted caramel cake


If one is anyway in Florence, one should take the opportunity to go here and if it is only for eating two, three courses.


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